CommonKey was built on enterprise grade security protocols,
designed to keep you and your team secure across the globe.

How CommonKey encrypts, delegates access, and securely communicates

Advanced Encryption Standard

One key to secure them all

CommonKey encrypts all your sensitive information using a strong AES symmetrical key. This key is your single point of access to all your personal and shared data.

Each time you log into CommonKey (securely authenticated), you recreate the strong symmetrical key so you can access the information from wherever your company takes you and your team.

RSA: Public-key encryption

Inviting the right person

When sharing applications with your team, CommonKey utilizes a uniquely generated and rotating RSA public and private key pair. This secure messaging protocol allows us to securely send invitations to your team members.

They are the only ones who can decrypt the invitation to ensure your sensitive information is shared with the right person.

bank-level encryption (TLS)

Secure commmunication

CommonKey securely stores all your data in the cloud, which means we go to extreme measures to protect your information when accessed from anywhere in the world.

We utilize bank-level encryption (TLS) to create secure communication channels between your computer and the CommonKey servers.