Password Strength Estimator

Learn how easy your password is to crack.

How does it work?

Passwords are usually the only line of defense between you and a hacker, which is why it's so important to make them strong. Most password estimators give bad advice. They don't check for common patterns / words and encourage numbers and symbols (only making them slightly stronger and harder to remember).

Fortunately our friends at Dropbox came up with zxcvbn (read more about the ratoinale and development of this tool here).

How do I know your tool is safe?

We use an open source Javascript library to estimate the password strengh. The estimation is generated on the fly and never stored or transmitted. However, you should always be suspicious of abnormal activity and if this site is NOT served over HTTPS.

Password to Test:

Strength Estimation

Throttled online attack (100/hour):
Unthrottled online attack (10/second):
Offline attack, slow hash, many cores (10k/second):
Offline attack, fast hash, many cores (10B/second):