Some groups who support our cause.

ERA NYC (link)

Located in the heart of New York City, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) provides participant companies with an intensive four-month program with the goal of helping early-stage companies progress rapidly into exciting, viable businesses.

Each accepted company receives an initial $40,000 investment and the potential for follow-on funding from ERA’s Fund. They also receive four months of:

  1. Free collaborative co-working space in New York City’s vibrant Chelsea neighborhood.
  2. 200+ amazing mentors from the New York City startup community.
  3. Seminars and speaker programs lead by top entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry experts.
  4. Free legal, accounting, hosting and other business services and support from our 25+ sponsors and partners.
  5. Access to experienced technologists, UI gurus and other product experts.
  6. Exposure to New York City’s leading seed investors and VCs.

Made in NY (link)

We Are Made In New York is an economic development initiative that supports the city’s vibrant tech community by highlighting job opportunities in the sector, celebrating the growing number of NYC-based digital companies, and providing access to resources and programs that help tech companies grow, and novices learn how to become part of the innovation ecosystem.

Seedstars World (link)

Seedstars World is an exclusive worldwide startup competition in emerging and fast growing markets. In 2014, regional pitching events will be held in over 30 countries for startups receiving an invitation following a strict selection process. The events bring together entrepreneurs, investors and local leaders to stimulate each local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Regional winners are flown to Switzerland for a final pitching event and to crown the Seedstars World Best Startup. The winner receives up to $500,00 equity investment, media coverage and worldwide prestige.

Cyber Street (link)

This important campaign initiative has been designed to help us all be a bit more measurably streetwise online. Most of the population are not doing enough to protect themselves. This means individuals and SMEs are making it far too easy for Cyber criminals to access your personal and financial data and steal your identity, often without you even realising it. It undermines confidence and threatens business growth online in the UK.

By adopting a few simple online behaviours, we will make our own personal info safer:

  1. Using strong, memorable passwords
  2. Installing anti-virus software on new devices
  3. Checking privacy settings on social media
  4. Shopping safely online – always ensuring to check online retail sites are secure
  5. Downloading software and the application of patches when prompted

Startup America

As a national organization we are dedicated to helping our Startup Champions create strong startup ecosystems in every state. Champions in cities from Des Moines to New Orleans, Nashville to Burlington are strengthening their local startup networks and engaging young companies to help them grow organically in their hometown.

We highlight the importance of startups as innovators and job creators. We give startups access to the relationships, opportunities, and knowledge they need to succeed. We celebrate entrepreneurship as a core American value. We aspire to make creating or joining an American startup the most desirable job in the world.