How it works

Learn how easy and quick CommonKey can make your team more secure and productive in minutes.

Designed for Seamless Teamwork

Empower Team Collaboration

Centralized platform for all teams and members

Seamless access granting without revealing passwords

Streamlined secure sharing among teams

Enhanced collaboration without compromising security

Next-Level Security

Effortlessly Manage Secrets

Instant access to saved and shared accounts

Single-click authentication

Seamless integration with the browser extension

Streamlined access management for efficiency

Empower Collaboration

Invite Your Team

Effortlessly share access to essential accounts

Enable smooth collaboration among team members

Enhance productivity across the organization

Effortless Integration

Browser Extension

Seamless integration into your workflow

Automatic detection of entered passwords

Option to save passwords for future use

Recognition of existing passwords

Streamlined login process

Automatic updates for password changes

One-click access for everyone with access rights

Military-Grade Security

Bulletproof Protection

Our platform is fortified by a team with expertise from the US Department of Defense and Johns Hopkins, ensuring unparalleled security.
Your passwords are safeguarded with robust encryption, guaranteeing that only authorized users can access them. With CommonKey, trust that your sensitive data remains impenetrable.
Read details about our security measures.

Experience seamless password management with CommonKey. Whether you're adding passwords from the dashboard or logging in, our platform securely stores them for future use. Enjoy the convenience of effortless password management, knowing that your credentials are always protected